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Risk Management Credit

Complete an E&O Risk Management Training Class

A 10% credit on your Westport E&O premium can be earned by attending an approved 3-hour risk management seminar prior to your policy anniversary (or within 30 days after your policy inception/renewal date). The number of agency staff required is based on agency size. The credit is applicable for two consecutive policy terms. Here's how to get training:

An additional 5% credit can be earned by having 50% or more of your staff attend an approved 3-hour risk management seminar.

Other Ways To Save

The following additional credits are available, up to a maximum total risk management credit of 20%:

Agency Coverage Checklists: A significant cause of E&O claims is the failure to recommend coverage. Consistent use of coverage checklists can help reduce your exposure. Westport offers a 5% discount for the use of approved coverage checklists.

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Agency Website Review: Your agency's website can be a powerful marketing tool, but its language also can be a potential weapon used by claimants. Have an expert review your website to identify problem areas and potential exposures. Westport offers a 5% discount for the implementation of the reviewer's recommendations.

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Not yet part of the Big I Professional Liability Program? Reach out to our E&O Program Manager, Marie Toney at for more information and to receive a quote. We serve agencies of all sizes, for a one-person shop to an alliance group. Visit our dedicated E&O page here to learn more about our program.