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PAC Funds


The Maryland Big I was instrumental in the organization and development of the Maryland Agents Political Action Committee (MAPAC). This is a separate, non-profit, non-partisan, political action committee. It functions to aid those candidates for legislative or statewide office who understand the problems and needs of the independent agent.

Interested in contributing to MAPAC?

Use the button below to contribute to MAPAC online or send a check made payable to ‘MAPAC’ to Big I Maryland Headquarters.


InsurPac is the Political Action Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big “I”).  It works hand in hand with your federal lobbying team to help elect and re-elect members of Congress who are supportive of the independent agency system.

InsurPac plays a key role in the Big I’s legislative success. InsurPac raises money to contribute to candidates running for federal office, while increasing agent visibility on Capitol Hill and empowering members to participate in the political process.

Interested in contributing to InsurPac?

Donations to InsurPac must be from individuals and the agency must sign a Corporate Approval Form prior to contributing.

2022 InsurPac Review

Thank you to all those who contributed to InsurPac!