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Maryland Insurance Law

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Adviser License §10-201

Agency Termination (§27-503)

Automobile Identification Cards (§ 19-503.1)

Binders or Contracts of Temporary Insurance (§12-106)

Cancellation of Policy if Premium is Paid to Producer (§10-127)

Certificates of Insurance and COI Forms (§19-116)

Change of agent or broker of record (BOR) (§27-911)

Commercial 'Exempt' Insured (§11-206)

Commission only to Licensed Insurance Producer (§10-130)

Continuing Education Law (§10-116)

Countersignature Law (§10-128)

Discrimination in Underwriting (§27-501)

Diligent Search (§3-306.1)

Delivery of Notice by Electronic Means (§27-601.2)

Excluded Driver (§27-609)

Homeowners-Hurricane Deductibles (§19-208)

Improper Premiums & Charges (includes Fee vs. Commission and Raising Policy Limits without Notification (§27-216)

License - Term and renewal of license (§ 10-115)

License Reinstatement (§10.116.1)

License-Temporary (§10-120)

Market Conduct-Agency (§2-206)

Notice of Renewal/Expiring Policy Premium - Personal Lines (§27-607)

Notice of renewal premium due - Personal Insurance & Private Passenger Auto (§27-610)

Notice Cancellation/Non-Renewal - Personal Lines (§27-602)

Notice Cancellation/Non-Renewal - Personal Automobile (§27-613)

Notice Cancellation/Non-Renewal - Right to Replace Commercial Insurance (§27-603)

Optional Coverage Statement (§19-207)

Personal Injury Protection Waivers (§19-506)

Personal Injury Protection Waiver (§19–506. 1)

Premium Increase Commercial Insurance (§27-608)

Premium Increase Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance (§27-614)

Proof of Insurance - Insurable Interest (§12-301)

Rebating Property/Casualty (§27-212)

Replacement Cost vs. Loan Value (Commercial Insurance Law §12-124)

Return of premium after cancellation (§23-405)

Suspensions, Refusals to Renew Licenses (§10-126)

Surplus Lines-Procuring (§3-306)

Tie In Sales (§27-214)

Water Damage "Back Up of Sewer or Drains' Mandatory Offer of Coverage (§19-202)

Workers Compensation - Notice of Cancellation §19-406

Windstorm or Other Storm Discounts (§19-210)


Commingling of Funds/Fiduciary Responsibility of Agents (Reg.

Exportable List (Reg.

Exempt Commercial Purchaser – Waiver of Diligent Search Requirement

Surplus Lines Disclosure (Reg.

Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information Authority (Reg

Notice of Renewal and Expiring Policy Premiums Authority (Reg

Coverage for Loss Caused by Water That Backs Up Through Sewers or Drains (Reg

Standards for Cancellation and Nonrenewal Authority: Insurance Article (Reg

Addition, Reduction, or Elimination in Coverage Notice Requirement Authority (Reg