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Get Money Back

2023 Marketing Reimbursement Program

Co-branding with Trusted Choice could save your agency money! Offset the cost of advertising and get money back with the help of the Marketing Reimbursement Program (MRP). Trusted Choice will reimburse a portion of expenses incurred in 2023 by Big I members for co-branding advertising and marketing materials or making certain digital improvements for your agency. This is not meant to replace your agency's brand, but to complement it by including the Trusted Choice branding in your marketing efforts.

Reimbursement Allotment

All agencies are eligible for up to a $1,000 reimbursement for co-branded marketing and certain digital improvements. This is a 50% match base on one allotment per member agency (limited to one location).

Ways to Qualify

Co-branding: Use of the Trusted Choice logo on consumer facing advertising. For access to pre-produced advertising materials visit our Marketing Campaigns that can be customized for your agency free of charge by Trusted Choice staff. There are print, digital, video and radio ads available.

  • Digital Co-branding: Use of any of the Trusted Choice customizable marketing materials or brand creative that includes the Trusted Choice logo. This includes video production and advertising costs (display ads, social media ads, YouTube etc.)
  • Traditional Co-branding: Certain traditional advertising options are eligible for reimbursement (billboards, radio, print, client incentives, and some sponsorships), provided they are co-branded with the Trusted Choice logo. Stationary, business cards and other office supplies are NOT eligible for reimbursement.

Digital Improvements: Reimbursement is available for your agency to make strategic digital improvements for your agency using one of the providers listed on our vendor comparison site as "Preferred Provider”

Questions? Contact Trusted Choice at or 800-221-7917.