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Agency Valuation Services

Having a perpetuation plan for your agency is one of the most important investments you can make in your agency. It will protect you, your customers, your staff as well as your family. It is critically important for all agencies to document their plan, regardless of where they are in their agency lifecycle. That's why we have partnered with Carey Wallace of Agency Focus to help our members build the plan that is right for them.

Agency Focus works with independent agency owners to ensure that they understand their agency's Fair Market Valuation, the risk factors and opportunities impacting your value, and the ways you can leverage this data to grow your agency's value. In addition, Agency Focus provides guidance and support in order to build strong perpetuation plans that are in line with the agency's goals and timeline. All plans are supported by financial modeling and the appropriate documentation to ensure the agency's future is protected.


Big I Maryland members receive a FREE 30-minute consultation with Carey to review your agency needs and provide advice and resources focused on business planning, agency operations and compensation strategy.

Customized consulting is available, and includes:

  • Agency Operations
  • Compensation Strategy
  • Transition Planning - Clients
  • Transition Planning - Future Owners
  • Agency Goal and Budgeting
  • Cashflow and Risk Analysis
  • Carrier Strategy

> Meet Carey Wallace

Carey is a fourteen-year veteran of the insurance industry with a background in finance, data analytics, and agency consulting. During that time, Carey developed key business consulting services to ensure that agencies have the information and support they need to plan for their agency and successfully perpetuate to the next generation. She has worked with hundreds of agencies to help them understand their agency's value and plan for the future. She is also a nationally recognized speaker on both the impact of leveraging data in your agency and valuation as well as perpetuation planning. Beyond that, Carey genuinely cares. She takes an approach to understand your agency, your needs and works with you to build out a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Carey Wallace | Owner & Consultant, Agency Focus, LLC
P: 614-657-2674