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The Association President and the Legislative Committee Chairman and members of the legislative committee monitor all insurance related legislation on your behalf during sessions of the Maryland General Assembly. Members are provided with timely legislative bulletins outlining those issues/bills which affect our business. The Association has been involved in the passage of a number of legislative proposals helpful to the Independent Agent and the Maryland Assembly. Conversely, we have successfully opposed measures which would have been counter-productive.

The Maryland Big I was instrumental in the organization and development of the Maryland Agents Political Action Committee (MAPAC). This is a separate, non-profit, non-partisan, political action committee. It functions to aid those candidates for legislative or statewide office who understand the problems and needs of the independent agent.

The Big I Government Affairs team has your back as it continually advocates for independent agents on Capitol Hill - both on the front lines and behind the scenes. Watch the new video highlighting these legislative accomplishments to learn more about how the Big I has gone to bat for agents on taxes, small business issues, regulation, flood and crop insurance programs and more.

Mayrland General Assembly

Bills that are introduced to the Maryland General Assembly that pertain to insurance are predominantly introduced in two committees, Senate Finance and the House Economic Matters Committee. It is important to note what an impact your grassroots efforts have on decisions made by our legislators. You can assist the Big I Maryland by contacting your elected officials and providing them with your views on legislation that will impact your business.

Use the resources below to contact your state legislator and find out what is happening in the Maryland General Assembly.

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